About Blenheim

Blenheim is the most crowded town in the district of Marlborough, in the northeast of the South Island of New Zealand. It has an urban populace of 31,300 (June 2017). The encompassing region is outstanding as the focal point of New Zealand’s wine industry.

It appreciates one of New Zealand’s sunniest atmospheres, with sweltering, moderately dry summers and cool, fresh winters. Blenheim is named after the Battle of Blenheim (1704), where troops drove by John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough vanquished a joined French and Bavarian power.

Arranged on the Wairau Plain, the town is for the most part level with just its southernmost periphery ascending to the base of the Wither Hills. As the plain is encompassed by mountains on everything except the eastern flank, which is available to Cook Strait, it is moderately all around shielded from the incessant southerly climate fronts happening amid winters.

The zone does, however, encounter some high breeze occasions over the span of the year, particularly from the west where the breeze is channeled down the Wairau Valley straightforwardly at the town. Open and uncovered zones in and around Blenheim are likewise hit very hard by winds blowing inland from Cook Strait.

Blenheim sits at the juncture of the Taylor and Opawa streams. It is in a structurally dynamic zone and encounters a few (typically little) tremors every year. The limit between the Pacific plate (on which Blenheim sits) and the Indo-Australian plate passes only north of Blenheim.

Blenheim Weather

The atmosphere is for the most part extremely settled, generally due to the rain shadow impact of the mountain reaches toward the west which shields Blenheim from the heaviest of downpours that hit the western piece of the South Island.

Summers are ordinarily warm and dry while winters are typically cool and cold with clear radiant days that take after. Snowfall is uncommon as it is protected from cool southerly climate by the mountain ranges toward the south.

Storms are an unprecedented event because of the shielded atmosphere. There is a higher probability of summer when evening warming can produce a development of mists over the extents.
The most astounding recorded temperature is 37.8C, Recorded on 7 February 1973. [2] The least is −8.8C.

Stir your audacious soul and investigate the staggering locale that encompasses Blenheim. Travel north and look at Rarangi Beach in Cloudy inlet, an ideal spot to watch that dawn before strolling over the headland to Whites Bay. Facilitate south is the Wairau Valley and the Molesworth Station, New Zealand’s greatest homestead, join Molesworth Tour Company on one of their exciting enterprise or cycling visits to find this excellent Marlborough high nation.


At the 2006 registration, Blenheim had a populace of 28,700, a difference of 7.0% since the 2001 enumeration. The June 2017 gauge puts Blenheim’s populace at 31,300.[1] Following the 2013 evaluation, Blenheim turned into the nation’s seventeenth fundamental urban territory, after Statistics New Zealand advanced the town from an auxiliary urban zone.


21.3% of individuals were under 15, contrasted and 22.7% for New Zealand.
16.7% of individuals were 65 and over, contrasted and 12.1% for New Zealand.


28.7% of individuals 15 and over had a post-auxiliary school capability, contrasted and 32% for New Zealand.

Ethnic foundation

Most occupants are of European source, dominatingly of the British, Irish, German and Dutch plunge. Little Maori, Pacific Island, and Asian people group exist. Ethnic assorted variety has expanded in late years. with the entry of substantial quantities of South Americans (for the most part Brazilians) and Asians (principally Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Filipino), who work in the growing viticulture area.
Never again is Blenheim the brisk one night stop off amongst Wellington and Christchurch, yet can brag it is the best goal for both household and global explorers, simply found 27km south of Picton in the northeast of the South Island of New Zealand it is the focal point of the Marlborough district, one of the sunniest places in the nation and a perfect base to take after the Marlborough Wine Trail. Appreciate gourmet nourishment, visit recorded attractions, look at energizing sights and experience astonishing enterprise exercises.

The 2006 New Zealand evaluation found that of individuals in the Blenheim Urban Area who finished the enumeration frames:

78.4% had a place with the European or Pakeha ethnic gathering
1.6% had a place with the Asian ethnic gathering
10.5% had a place with the Māori ethnic gathering
1.6% had a place with the Pacific Island ethnic gathering
0.5% had a place in the Middle Eastern/Latin American/African ethnic gatherings
16.1% had a place with another ethnic gathering
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